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Our TrueForm classes are a great cardio workout! Incorporating body-weight training with intervals on TrueForm Runners, our self-propelled treadmills that improve posture and balance, all while increasing your endurance and strength. Get whipped into shape and have fun!

Beginner Run

The perfect beginner TrueForm class! Fun and low-intensity, you’ll learn how to master your stride, speed up your recovery, and review various other skills that will make you stronger. This class is great for new runners, those getting back into running, or anyone who wants a great cardio workout.

TrueForm Strength

Feel stronger, leaner and in control! Enhance your balance and posture and then hit the TrueForm for short intervals of walking/jogging/running with breaks for glute and core activation on the floor. All level class.

TrueForm Speed

Ready, set, go! Get faster and stronger in our TrueForm Speed class. Learn how to shorten your stride, and pick up the pace with high-intensity speed work on the TrueForm Runner. All level class.

TrueForm Core

Core work galore! Give your mid-section a run for its money with this high energy, core-focused cardio workout that will leave you super sweaty and feeling toned. Focused sets of core/ab work broken up by intervals on the Trueform Runner. Intermediate/Advanced class.

TrueForm Endurance

Endure it all! Challenge yourself with longer, more intense intervals on the TrueForm with shorter recovery times. Master your breathing and push through longer distances in this fun cardio class that will leave you ultra-sweaty. Advanced class.



Our rowing classes will feature the use of WaterRowers, which are water-based stationary rowing machines, perfect for a no-impact, high-calorie burn workout. Rowing is one of the most efficient ways to get in shape; using 85% of your muscles, rowing is a truly total body workout. New to rowing? Don’t worry, we will show you everything you need to know!

Beginner Row

Love to row but don’t want to race to the finish? Beginner Row focuses on form and incorporates simple drills along with basic rowing to get you sweating and your blood pumping without the pressure of a race.


Indo-Row® captures all the elements of competitive, on-water rowing; this class is fast-paced and engaging from the first minute. You’ll learn proper form, row your way through some waves and intervals, and build up to a friendly yet competitive “race.” Indo-Row® is for first-time rowers and rowing enthusiasts.

Endurance Row

This class is ideal for those who thrive on a team vibe. A steady climb of intensity, staying in sync with your fellow rowers, making the ‘boat’ turn on a dime, and adding power to your stroke while lowering your split time.

T+C Challenge

The duo sport event. See what you’re made of when you combine Rowing with Running in a high-intensity class that’s sure to energize you! This fast-paced total body workout will challenge you with sprints, intervals, and endurance.


Want to come to the studio when a class isn’t scheduled? Open Hours are available during the day for members to enjoy the TrueForm Runners and WaterRowers without an instructor.


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